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I am passionate about helping you look & feel your best.

Born and raised in Port Edward & Prince Rupert, Hailey's love for the North Coast is deep in her roots. Flowing streams, scents of rich cedar, rolling fog and tranquil forests are what arouse the senses at Hekate Esthetics. Inspired by Hekate, the goddess of magic, this is where the mystic meets the water. 

Hailey received her Body Spa Esthetics Diploma with Distinction at the John Casablanca Institute while receiving the Top Requested Student Award upon graduation. A fully certified professional esthetician, she also holds a variety of certificates in sanitization, infection control, dermaplaning and more.

Hailey's approach is to ensure each individual has a remarkable experience and also receives the time and attention they deserve. Hailey believes in quality first and will perform a thorough analysis of your skin to prescribe a variety of treatments based on your individual needs. Whether it's acne, aging skin, rosacea, sun damage, melanoma, freckling, hyper-pigmentation, or oily/congested/unbalanced skin, Hailey can help you meet your desired outcomes.

Hailey Orleans


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